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Terms and Conditions

  • Refund Policy - We have a very clear no refund policy. All sales are final once you enroll in our program. 

  • Early Contract Termination Policy - You can opt-out and cancel your contract anytime during the 3-month contract by paying CA Training Academy an $850 termination fee. Paying the fee will cancel any upcoming payment, and all sessions will come to a close. 

  • Missed Session Policy - Coach Antonella has a zero toleration missed session policy. If you miss a session, you will forfeit the session. If you communicate with Coach Antonella 24 hours before the session, you can attend a make-up practice on a scheduled Friday.

  • End of Contract and Renewal Policy - We offer a 3-month plan. If you want to CANCEL your membership, please notify us 30 days BEFORE the end of our agreement. By doing so, we will cancel the account. If not, you are auto-renewed into the next training term automatically. You can notify us in writing at (786)-626-8686 at least 30 days before our final session, and we will turn off the membership. 

  • Weather and Covid Policy - If practice is canceled due to weather/covid, Coach Antonella will notify the players and parents through text message. The session will be moved to a scheduled Friday.

  • Vacation/Reschedule Policy - I understand that if we are "out of town" or "on holidays," we are still a member of the program., and payments will remain as scheduled. Please communicate with Coach Antonella when you are going out of town to plan accordingly. Coach Antonella prefers to complete make-up sessions before departure. 

  • Training Contract - Missed sessions do NOT roll over into the following term for any reason. By agreeing to our contract 3-month program, all sessions must be completed within 3 months from the start date. If the sessions are not completed in a timely manner, you will forfeit the sessions.

  • Parent Conduct Policy- I understand thatI will not pressure my child or yell from the sidelines. We train in a "non-pressured" environment. 

  • Recurring Monthly Fees - I understand that CA Training Academy's billing process is an automatic electronic funds transfer (every 30 days from the original payment).

  • Failed Credit/Debit Card Payment Policy - I understand that if I have a "failed credit/debit card payment," I will need to register with a new credit or debit card within 24 hours of the failed payment. Sessions will pause until the payment is completed. 

  • Liability Policy - I understand (according to CA Training Academy's liability release form) that CA Training Academy, Coach Antonella, and any assistant coaches for CA Training Academy is not liable for any injuries.

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