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“When I had technical sessions with coach Antonella, she was extremely knowledgeable about different drills and exercises. We worked on aspects of the game and she really helped me improve as a player on the things I was weaker on. I would recommend her sessions to anyone as they're not only technical, very helpful but also fun!"

Molly Sharpe/  Durham W.F.C / Professional Player

"Our daughter has blossomed while training with Coach Antonella. Her focus on skill development, ball handling, and conditioning during each session has helped to sharpen her mental and physical game. Although Coach Antonella approaches training very seriously and pushes each player to work past their comfort zone, she is always very positive and strength-based in her approach to coaching. We highly recommend her!” 

Candice M. / Parent of U15 player

“I was searching for a diverse, elite training experience from a successful, female athlete and coach for my three daughters while on a emergency trip to Miami and found Antonella. My U16 said it was the best training session she's experienced in her career and loved the drills. My U13 and U11 got worked and lived every minute of the 2-hour session. Thank you Antonella, I am sure they will take their learnings back to Pennsylvania"

Gabriel R. / Parent

Hola Antonella, tus entrenamientos son muy buenos. Termino cansando pero contento. Gracias, me han ayudado mucho!

Mauricio / 7 y/o player

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